Supporting expatriates in improving
their coping skills and emotional well-being.

Living in a foreign country can make everyday struggles even more challenging.
Out of your land you may feel lonely and unsupported.
You might:
  • miss people who backed you up at home, and find making friends hard;
  • experience relationship or family problems, or worry that your partner or/and children don’t seem happy with living abroad;
  • be single and have discovered that expat life causes to have a romantic relationship more troublesome.
All that due to or intensified by:
  • the relocation process and cultural adaptation;
  • the need to develop a high level of self-sufficiency;
  • adjusting to the new work environment and career concerns;
  • cultural differences;
  • the language barrier.
Clearly there are enough reasons for you to suffer from stress, feel tired and find it tough to cope.
You have every right to feel overwhelmed, depressed or anxious.

In psychotherapy I can help you:

  • name your needs and expectations;
  • identify your problems and their sources;
  • choose the best form of therapy for you (and refer you to another specialist if necessary);
  • assess, reinforce or find, and employ your own strengths and resources to deal with difficulties;
  • alleviate the symptoms you suffer from;
  • change the feelings, thoughts and/or behavior that you find disturbing or undesirable, and explore their causes;
  • understand your emotions and motivations better;
  • achieve balance.
Individual Psychotherapy

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Couple & Family Therapy

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Expat Counselling

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